Summer’s Almost Over—What the Future Holds!

The France trip in May was wonderful. Very successful; we had 13 clients, mostly artists and photographers, but a few that just wanted to experience Paris in a small companionable group, comfortable,  affordable,  and with everything arranged. We all had a great time, including me and my two partners who did a fabulous job booking great hotels and restaurants, providing exotic picnics in the Tuilleries and the park outside the Marmottan museum, and finding a totally bilingual guide (American, no accent) who led us through the Paris metro and explained dishes on menus.
We did everything on our list—-and more!  it was wonderful getting right into museums and concerts without waiting in lines because we had prebooked everything, and could slip right in!!

The highlight of our trip for me and, I think, many others, was being alone in Monet’s garden after it closed, painting or photographing the garden in the early evening twilight, and then, a memorable dinner in the ‘Ancienne Hotel Baudy.’

me and the Eiffel tower
This was my fifth trip to Paris and one of the things that most surprised and delighted me was the improvement in the breakfasts. (all included) They used to be just  coffee or hot chocolate and a croissant with jam and butter; carb, carb, carb – no protein—-well, rarely; there might be a hard boiled egg. On this trip, both hotels we stayed at had very generous, beautiful breakfasts with all you wanted of cold meats and cheeses of many types, cereals and fruit, and many choices of breads and pastries.

Then I took the summer off!! A long mini-vacation; stayed home, enjoyed the beauty and bounty of the garden, the lovely weather!! Started the South Beach Diet, swam regularly,  lost weight and gained muscle!! Feel great !!

Now, back to work in an easy and relaxed manner! Lots of time on the computer. Planning to fly to Qualicum Bay, Vancouver to give  my workshop ‘Outdoor Sculpture–The Easy Way’   September 28-Oct 2 (3-5 day option) then to Port Townsend, Washington to present a weekend of ‘Watercolor and Plein Air ‘(any medium), October 5-6,  and visit a dear old friend.

Starting my Baja season with the  ‘Watercolor and Plein Air’ workshop at the gorgeous B&B resort on the San Ignacio River, San Ignacio Springs, a palm oasis with fabulous yurts, kayaks, and marvelous food, November 11-13 (1 to 3 days, great for people driving down Baja or staying close by)

Then on to Los Zacatitos–Casa Corazon, my art and nature retreat, home, and studio. I will teach ‘Watercolor and Plein Air January 18-22 at a wonderful small resort hotel on the beach in San Jose del Cabo.  Then, February 7-

Now, I am planning a trip to Greece in May of 2014.

‘Ancient Greece: ‘Art, Myth, and History-Crete, Athens, and Delphi’

It will be a small, intimate group, very comfortable, relaxed pace, and affordable, and, I expect, a number of artists and photographers.  Please contact me at so I can let you know the details.


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