On my way North!!

In a rush! Leaving home in three days to spend a few days in the Bay Area with friends and family, then fly to Qualicum Beach for an Outdoor Sculpture workshop Sept. 28-30.

I am somewhat nervous about it as it is the first time I will be flying to a sculpture workshop. Can’t bring my usual tools and materials on the plane, so have to hope everything will be at the Qualicum studio when I arrive.

A very dear friend is driving from her home in Port Townsend, Washington to take the workshop. Then I will drive with her to Port Townsend and give a 2 day watercolor workshop for all levels on October 5th and 6th. I am now in the habit of providing watercolor materials for total beginners so they can decide if they want to make watercolor a part of their life. People experienced in the medium should bring their own materials and I will help them refine their palette to achieve more brilliant and dynamic paintings.

When I get home after the workshops, I just have 3 weeks until I leave Northern California for my drive to Baja. I am still looking for someone to share the driving and gas and am offering a week at my art and nature retreat center in Los Zacatitos. Please let me know at judith@judithgreenleaf.com if you might be interested and I will send details.

Please go to the home page, www.judithgreenleaf.com to see the updated schedule. After the two northern workshops, there will be several in different media: painting, figure drawing, and sculpture, all in Baja California between November 2013 and March, 2014.  In September 2015, Greece!


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