I know, I know, It has been a long time since my last entry. Nothing  erased and nothing written for 9 months. The blog has been at a standstill since September 2013.
What happens is I get up, make my  latte and write in my journal. Sometimes it takes a couple of hours and I pretty much write everything I want and need to say. I enter the witness place; conscious, in the moment, aware, hopefully without judgment, no  yummy or yucky. It is my spiritual, emotional, and often creative work.

After that, I am pretty well written out and it is time to get up and DO something. I walk around the garden and see what is happening there. Often I go for a hot tub, swim, and water aerobics at a quiet, beautiful nearby pool.  When I come back, I put on some combination from my extensive garden/studio wardrobe, paint, clay, or cement stained garment just before the rag bin, or some lovely thing I inadverantly got stuff on passing through one of the studios, not planning to do anything.

Then it is generally work in the garden or greenhouse, and in the afternoon, the studio.So where do the computer, the laundry, and the dishes fit in? Ah, there’s the problem. Now a brief catch up before I erase.

The France trip in May 2013 was a great success. We had thirteen clients, mostly artists and photographers,  all women. there were  four staff;  Jud taking care of the amenities, providing awesome picnics in the parks, and making sure everyone was happy,   Elena, native English speaking, totally bilingual, led us through the Paris metro and interpreted the menus for us,  Steve kept it all together, and me, the art historian/museum guide who planned the trip and interpreted the art, history, and culture from impressionism through the early 20th century. I am leaving in the France page.

Now, I am planning a trip to Greece in September of 2015. I don’t have all the details worked out yet, but it will be very modestly priced, comfortable, and with a relaxed pace.  I would really love  to hear from you if you might be interested. As we all know, I don’t keep the website up to date, but I definitely let the people on my e-mail list know what is happening.

All the workshops I scheduled happened; enough people registered so none were cancelled; I liked that, and they were all successful. Now I am in Little River, my Mendocino Coast home, studios,(Inside Studio: gallery, drawing, painting. Outside studio: kilns, clay/glazes, wax, molding. New Studio: cement/sculpture workshops), and gardens, (flower garden/fish pond: setting for watercolor/plein air workshops, vegetable/fruit garden,  kitchen and garden greenhouses)

I didn’t expect to write all this and now it is time to do the dishes. Please see my current and upcoming workshops and if you would like updates and/or to know about open studio visits and exhibitions, please send an email to judith@judithgreenleaf.com





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