Garden Sculpture

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APRIL 17-19   

Outdoor sculpture / Garden Accessories–
the Easy Way

A 3 day workshop in carving a special cement mixture while it is still soft with spoons, knives, or simple hand tools. Make a unique garden sculpture,  fountain, planter, birdbath, lighting fixture, stepping stones,  or?? Easy, fun, anyone can do it.

 Greenleaf Studio and garden, Little River, California
near the village of Mendocino
TUITON: $75/DAY   (10am-4pm) materials and assistance included.
(students who have done the process before may come for one or two days) 

For information and to register:   (707)937-0430

MAY 1-5     3-5 DAYS

To make a larger, more extended, hollow, thin walled piece on an armature using new strengthening materials allowing thinner cement skin and easier process. We will use some methods and concepts brought over from Europe’s Art Povera movement, plan on 4 or 5 days.

 To do the carving process (see above) 3 days is sufficient.  With the 4 or 5 day option, you can do both processes. 

Tuition $75/day, includes materials.
Partial workshop may be arranged.
For information and to register:  707-937-0430




The first day—Learn about design possibilities.  Make a ‘maquette’ (or several)—- what sculptors call the  preliminary studies you will make in clay  to plan your cast stone piece.  Engineer your container to make your cement piece hollow and lighter weight.

The second day, you mix your ingredients, fill your box, wait until the right moment, and carve.
The third day, you refine and detail, add color and texture, and/or carve another piece. You can produce pieces in a wide range of textures and colors including very smooth, refined surfaces that might find their home indoors.

In the 5 day option, you may make a larger, thin walled hollow piece by molding a cement mixture or draping cloth soaked in cement slurry on a metal armature.  There are many more design possibilities with this technique.
If flying to the workshop and you are concerned about weight,  you can design your cement piece (s), learn about the materials and process so you can work at home, and you may make a lightweight mold of your clay original to fill with cement mixture at home.
No experience  is necessary for this workshop. Experienced sculptors learn the possibilities of an inexpensive, widely available material that needs no further processing and is ready to install. All levels are welcome.  Tools are provided or bring your own.

Tuition $75/day, includes materials.
Partial workshop may be arranged.
For information and to register:  707-937-0430



Mixing concrete for sculpture

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7 Responses to Garden Sculpture

  1. Jill Mayne says:

    Any room left in your late September Qualicum course?

  2. admin says:

    Hi Jill
    There are still a couple of places left. Contact Judith for details.
    Its shaping up to be a great workshop. Looking forward to it.
    ~Sheena, in Qualicum Bay

  3. Judith Greenleaf says:

    Hi Jill, Yes, Please do come, we would love to have you join us. We will mostly do the carving project, and, so far, 3 days, Oct.28-30. so you wont need armature materials. If you e-mail me, and have questions, you can give me your phone number and best time to call, and we can talk. warmly, Judith Greenleaf

  4. Jill says:

    You meant Sept., right Judith?
    Can’t do October as my husband is getting a new hip then.

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  6. Alma araiza says:

    Hi I am interested in garden sculpture but I Live in La Paz Baja California México

    Arte you having any in San José or Los zacatitos soon.?

  7. Nam says:

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