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What I loved most about the workshop was that it dispelled a lot of fears I had about watercolor. I had heard that it was hard, that you had to do it right the first time, that you had to work fast and not make mistakes. Judith showed us that that was not true. She taught us several ways to correct mistakes and save paintings that we would have thrown away.   Lizabet  L.

I am a teacher in a small continuation high school responsible for teaching art as well as academics.  Unfortunately, I had very little art experience and was always racking my brain for what and how to teach. I came to Judith’s drawing and painting workshop at Zacatitos during Easter break and came away with many new ideas about how to teach art. What really surprised me though, was how much I enjoyed painting and drawing. I carried a sketchbook everywhere, even when we went to the beach after class.   Karen R.

Painting at Casa CorazonJudith taught me how to underpaint my oils with acrylics. It sped up my process and allowed me to complete a painting much faster. Also, I have been following her advice about underpainting my landscapes with hot colors and it has made my paintings sparkle. This workshop brought my painting to a new level.   Jerry S.

I found Judith to be a compassionate and positive teacher, She  said what she wanted to say in such a way that I felt safe showing her my work. I am a beginner and I guess I am pretty sensitive about criticism.   Diana B.

Judith made me see that I am an artist. I was just going along painting and getting bigger and bigger stacks of work that nobody saw. She helped me get my first solo show at the Mendocino Art Center. Now, I have upgraded my studio and am participating in shows and in juried Open Studio Art Tours. I enjoy the positive feedback and the new contacts as well as the sales.   Popi T.

I loved the workshop in San Jose. Everyone was so open and friendly, and almost everyone spoke English to one degree or another. Also, we could use our dollars everywhere and didn’t have to exchange money. I loved the hotel and our little group, and there was so much for my husband to do while we painted that he had a great time too. We enjoyed the town and the climate, and I really learned a lot more than I expected. Next time, though, we will plan to stay longer and rent a car. A week was not enough to do everything we wanted to do there.   Maureen L.

I attended the life drawing workshop in Los Zacotitos.  The location couldn’t have been better.  Nothing but bird songs and waves on the fresh ocean breeze.  Judith shook me out of my tight commercial art background and showed me the path to relaxing into a more expressive treatment of large charcoal and pastel drawings.  Her unerring eye and patient critiques moved me forward into my first finished art pieces.  Thanks Judith!  ~ Sheena M

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